On June 3, the LIFE Metro Adapt project offered a performance of the show “The Trees Dance” by the Ardito Desìo Company of Trento to young people as part of the Metroteatro review.

The story tells of the woodcutter Pinot who is sent into the heart of an ancient forest with an arduous task: to cut down the majestic tree Valhalla and bring it to the village for an important celebration. But Valhalla will prove to be a tough nut to crack and the great tree, in addition to revealing wonderful and surprising secrets of the forest, will push Pinot to reflect on the meaning of life and the importance of always deciding for yourself. A journey of education and knowledge that will end in a delicate embrace between man and nature, also in relation to the ongoing climate emergency.

The show has attracted the interest of 35 classes of primary and secondary schools in the municipalities of Milan, Sarnico, Monguzzo, Adrara S.Rocco, Viadanica and Abbiategrasso, for an involvement of over 700 students.

At the end of the show, the students met with the director Andrea Brunello who explained the genesis of the show, the importance of preserving trees and forests and the balance that they guarantee.

(Photo: © MoniQue)

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