Metropolitan City of Milan

The Metropolitan City of Milan (CMM) is a local public authority established by the Italian Law 56/2014 and operating from the 1st of January 2015. The Metropolitan City of Milan governs the vastest metropolitan urban area in Italy. It includes the city of Milan and other 133 municipalities, representing a functional area of more than 5 million people. CMM implements and coordinates activities of strategic planning, sustainable mobility and urban public transports, including greening issues, territorial development, digital agenda and European policies and programming.


ALDA was established in 1999 at the initiative of the Council of Europe to coordinate and support the network of Local Democracy Agencies, acting as promoters of good governance, active citizenship and cooperation between local authorities and civil society. ALDA gathers more than 250 members coming from more than 40 countries. ALDA coordinated the following projects: EYES – European Youth Environment Sentinels; COHEIRS – Civic Observers for Health and Environment: Initiative for Responsibility and Sustainability; LADDER – Local Authorities as Drivers for Development Education and Raising awareness, WE NET – Working for Environmentally Educated Towns.

Ambiente Italia SRL

Ambiente Italia is a consultancy leader group in Italy and Europe operating in engineering for sustainability. Ambiente Italia has a long and wide experience in managing EU funded projects, with particular reference to the implementation of innovative and demonstrative pilot actions and the exploitation of project results through dissemination activities at National and European level. In the field of climate change adaptation, Ambiente Italia has specialised in supporting local authorities in defining urban resilient strategies, as for example in Life+ CHAMP – Local Response to Climate Change; Life WATACLIC – Water Against Climate Change; Life+ BLUEAP – Bologna Local Urban Environment Adaptation Plan for a Resilient City; Life MASTER ADAPT – Mainstreaming Experiences at Regional and local level for adaptation to climate change.

CAP Holding S.p.A.

CAP Holding S.p.A. is a large public owned company and is part of Gruppo CAP. It deals with the Integrated Water Service within the Great Milano Area, which includes 148 municipalities.

The service includes water supply, distribution, sewerage and waste water treatment. Regarding climate change adaptation, CAP is strongly committed in finding alternative rainwater management solutions in order to contribute to natural groundwater recharging, reduction of waste water collection and treatment costs, limitation of flooding and water volumes discharged into watercourses. It is in this framework that CAP collaborated with Lombardy Region, ERSAF and the University of Milan.


e-GEOS, an ASI (20%) / Telespazio (80%) company, is a leading international player offering a complete range of products and services in the Earth Observation and in the Geo-spatial Information application domains, based on both optical and radar satellites as well as on aerial surveys and in-situ data.

e-GEOS is one of the main industrial players in the Copernicus Program and is a world leader in environmental and maritime monitoring and in rapid mapping for the management of natural disasters and humanitarian crises. Among its partner, EMSA, EU SatCen (European Union Satellite Centre), JRC (Joint Research Centre of the European Commission), several UN Organizations and Italian Ministries.


Legambiente is a non-profit organization whereby a group of individuals, joined together to improve and protect the environment. It gives priority-attention to the problems deriving from environment and urban degradation, to energy issues and the development of the renewable energy sources and to the links between economy and the environment. Legambiente Lombardia performs its activities on a regional basis, with more than 100 local groups. The members are involved in activities such as raising awareness, information, education, scientific issues. Since 2008 it has been developing specific actions and campaign on climate change, such as Marcia per il Clima in Milan, Ecolife, Viviconstile, etc. in order to stimulate citizens’ awareness and engagement.