PALE BLUE DOT: the journey goes on

The events of last weeks remind us that climate change represents an urgency on which it is necessary to reflect and act. Also, why not, through art. That’s why after the first performances in Cormano, Parabiago and Paullo, Pale Blue Dot is back on stage!

Within the European project MetroAdapt, aimed at defining useful tools at developing strategies to adapt to climate change and increase urban resilience, Legambiente Lombardia invites us to theatre for the show “Pale Blue Dot”, small blue dot: our Land.

Jet Propulsion Theater of the Arditodesio Company has staged an incredible story of hope, wonder, and beauty. The show follows the journey of the Voyager 1 probe, that of its creator of suicidal tendencies and his dreamer son and, finally, that of Planet Earth. While the artificial satellite moves away from the solar system, it becomes painfully clear that our Pale Blue Dot, the Earth, is the most precious spaceship and must be protected, no matters what. When everything seems lost, however, the most incredible of revolutions happens…

Next events:
29 November, Cesano Boscone (Casa della Musica, Via Matteotti 9)
8 February, Gorgonzola (Auditorium, Via Roma 27)

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